A bootstrap decision-making process and source of truth for Executable Books#


This is a proposal for bootstrapping a formal decision-making and team policy process. It proposes a new location for organizational policy - a team-compass, but since this space does not currently exist, I am making this “proposal” by adding it as a PR to the meta/ repository, which is currently our home for organizational policy. If accepted, I will remove this page and migrate content over to compass.executablebooks.org.

These pages contain a bootstrap plan for encoding the Executable Books team policy and decision-making process. Its goal is to be as simple as possible and not deviate too much from our current practices (to maximize the chances of being followed). It also aims to balance “formal process” against “efficient asynchronous decision-making” (to avoid being so slow that it hinders the organization).

It is split into a few pages to make it easier to read, review, and implement:

Over time, as we learn what works and what doesn’t, we may make amendments to this process to make it more complex.


This builds off of the work that Chris Sewell did in creating the current MyST Enhancement Proposals repository. It takes much of the process there, and tries to simplify and slim it down. It also separates out two different processes - a more complex one for MyST, and a simpler one for organizational policy. We can revisit this in the future if we believe that we need more complexity in one or the other. Many thanks to Chris S (and others) for feedback and inspiration for these ideas.


All documentation in our Team Compass and MyST Enhancement Proposal repository are licensed under the CC0-1.0-Universal license.