• Matt McKay / Australian National University / mmcky

  • Rowan Cockett / Curvenote / @rowanc1

  • Chris Sewell / EPFL / @chrisjsewell

  • Franklin Koch / Curvenote / @fwkoch

  • Chris Holdgraf / 2i2c / @choldgraf

  • Damián Avila / 2i2c / @damianavila

  • Will Lachance / Voltus / @wlach

Short updates#


mystjs / myst-spec discussion (@rowanc1)#

  • Functionality, demo, myst “spec”, reflections and thoughts on next steps!

  • Slides: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1lLJUgILhBAZeLyUXucHtQGsA9OjqlSoIjop5_bFVTWg/edit

  • Questions to answer

    • Should MyST exist as a first-class project within Executable Books?

      • General yes

    • Where should its “project” documentation live?

      • myst.tools ?

      • spec.myst.tools?

      • Agree to do this

      • Chris H will get the domain (UPDATE: Chris got the domain, now we just need to point something to it).

      • Figure out the following two later:

        • python.myst.tools -> myst-parser docs? (maybe we rename to myst-python)

        • js.myst.tools -> mystjs docs?

        • No decisions made here, we’ll get to it later.

    • How do we avoid duplicating a bunch of documentation etc.

      • Define the core myst spec in a single repo, along with implementation-agnostic syntax

    • Unit tests of the spec - where do they live?

      • Use chrisjsewell/myst-spec for this?

      • Generally agree this is a good place to do it, need to consolidate docs somehow.

  • myst-spec: https://myst-spec.readthedocs.io

    • Did a quick demo of the spec to compare w/ mystjs

myst-nb / embedding code outputs (@chrisjsewell)#

Developer interviews (@mmcky)#

  • I will be coordinating a series of developer interviews (recorded via Zoom) on a range of topics

  • Proposal: Deep dive into Parsing: myst-parser, markdown-it-py and MyST Specification

  • Developer: @chrisjsewell

  • Compiling questions which I will organise into a logical interview. Please add to https://github.com/executablebooks/meta/issues/672

  • Target Date: Mid-March 2022



  • Matt McKay / ANU / @mmcky

  • Steve Purves / Curvenote / @stevejpurves

  • Chris H / 2i2c / @choldgraf

  • Franklin Koch / Curvenote / @fwkoch

  • Leif Walsh / Two Sigma / @leifwalsh

  • Rowan Cockett / Curvenote / @rowanc1

  • Aakash Gupta / ANU / @aakashgc

Reports, updates, and celebrations#

Agenda items#

  • [Matt] Planning to place an emphasis on Bug/Issue reduction for February (perhaps after the refactors for myst-parser, myst-nb) Issue/Bug Reduction Priorities is an issue on the meta repo to record any issues/bugs you are:

    1. able to work on

    2. really want fixed to move something forward

  • [Matt] Organise a session with Chris S on “The architecture of Jupyter Book” to flesh out some of the areas I am not familiar with such as: markdown-it / markdown-it-py etc. to make improvements for developer docs.

    • Can you record this?! (@mmcky – good idea)

    • Three Common Ways to Extend Sphinx

    • Overview of JupyterBook

  • [Steve] Thebe next steps - driven by requirements for hookup to interactive web components

  • [Chris H] Feedback on book theme structure / visuals?

  • [Chris H] Feedback on carets / toggle buttons