Jupyter Book and MyST at AGU 2021#

The AGU 2021 conference just wrapped up, and Jupyter Book made a few appearances at the conference this year. Below are a few links to videos and Google Slides for each session.

Jupyter Book 101: A tutorial introduction to Jupyter Book#

This was a 30 minute invited tutorial that covered the basics of getting started with Jupyter Book. In the tutorial, we first create a book from scratch, build an HTML website from the book, add some content of our own, and then publish it online with GitHub Pages.

Below is a video from the presentation (slides here):

MyST Markdown: An open and extensible markdown flavor for technical communication#

In addition to the tutorial above, we also had a poster and short lightning talk about MyST Markdown, the extensible markdown flavor that powers a lot of Jupyter Book content.

Here’s a link to the MyST Markdown poster, and see a 3-minute lightning talk about it below.