The Executable Books Project#

This is the team documentation for the ExecutableBooksProject, an international collaboration to build open source tools that facilitate publishing computational narratives using the Jupyter ecosystem.

We are the community behind Jupyter Book–an open source project for building beautiful, publication-quality books and documents from computational material–as well as MyST Markdown–a rich and extensible flavor of Markdown meant for technical documentation and publishing.

Contributing Guide 🙌

Our contributing guide has some tips and pointers to help you learn where and how to contribute to the project.

Community forum 💬

A place for free-form discussion, brainstorming, and asking questions about how to use the tools in this ecosystem.

Feature voting 👍

A voting board to aggregate ideas across our repositories and sort them by thumbs-up responses.

Tools we build 🔧

An overview of the tools and standards that this community stewards for communicating with computational narratives.

Our team compass 🧭

Our team policies, structure, practices, and contributing guides.

Gallery of books 🖼️

A community-maintained list of books that others have built with Jupyter Book.


See our organizational contributions page as well as our team members page for a list of individuals and organizations that have made formal contributions to this community.